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“This is the first time I requested for a tarot reading online. I’ve only had tarot readings from by beginner friend. Wow I didn’t really expect it to specifically pinpoint my problem but it was able to! Thank you! Definitely was able to give me some solid advice to think about.”– C, Phillipines

“Excellent reading! I really appreciate her thorough and personal approach to this reading! She seems to really care about what she does, and that’s awesome.” –Lane, United States

“5 stars… Thank you for this reading and your open mindedness. I know my question could be considered cliche. I really felt everything you said makes sense. Thank you for being so quick with my reading. You’ve provided me with valuable insight. Thank you!”– Jenny
“Very detailed reading gave great insight was quick to respond and answered follow up questions felt very personal.” –Sam, United States

“Holly showed me something I never realized before. She is also quick to respond! Thanks, Holly!” -Anna, Philippines

“Thank you Holly,
My question was a bit of a delicate one so I truly appreciated your gentleness regarding it. I loved how you entwined my birthday (being born on the cusp) as well as a draw of an oracle card in inclusion to the reading. It was an additional effort that I truly enjoyed. The overall reading resonated with my original thoughts beautifully and gave me a feeling of peace with my decision. Your encouragement that I would make the right decision regardless was also kind and furthered my confidence that I could indeed make the proper choice.
I wish you the very best in your endeavors as a tarot reader in addition to all your goals. I hope I get the pleasure to consult with you in the future should the need arise
Thank you again, all the best .” -P., United States

“Hello Holly!
Thank you so much for the reading. You were right about me sensing some red flags before I met her, so that’s why I asked for a reading before I had did anything. Your reading gave me some wonderful insight, and when I first saw the cards in the spread all reversed I thought to myself “uh-oh”, but you explaining to me the reading calmed me down.” -Michael, United States

“Dear Holly,

Thank you so much for reading for me, I have appreciated your warm and thoughtful communication.
I feel as if you have really taken the time to think about me and consider which deck/reading to do. You have presented me with a very insightful and empathic reading which touched me as it was delivered with such consideration as well as honesty. You have indeed captured the essence of the issues.

I am greatly impressed by your highly skilled ability to tune into the reading and to deliver a very accurate reading in a warm, responsive manner. You are a very talented reader, and I wish you every success as you move forward, I would certainly highly recommend you as a reader to anyone wanting to get a very accurate reading from a very caring and skilled individual. Thank you.” Kath–United Kingdom

“Thank you for taking the time to do this reading for me. The reading was accurate, almost to the minute.”-Justin, United States

“Thank you so much for your reading, it truly was insightful and helpful on many levels. The interpretation of events and circumstances was accurate.”-Daniel, United States

“Holly is fantastic! She was really on point with everything about the reading and she really helped me understand the situation I was in. I’m very happy! Thank you.” -Carolyn, United States

“I resonated with everything and you were spot on. You are an excellent reader and I thank you so much!” -Laura, United Kingdom

“WOW!!!! You hit every nail on the head!!! I have fought internally for years over my current work situation & have asked “why” so many times!! I know in my heart what I need to do!! It was on one hand pack up & move across state & the other was follow my instinct. You said something’s I’ve been questioning in my mind. That was a FANTASTIC & right on point reading & from the bottom of my heart I thank you!!!” -Andrea, United States

“While I was contemplating the question and shortly after I sent the reading request, I slept on it and woke up with a new outlook. Then your reading arrives, which did in fact, clarify a lot of things I had been thinking about myself. You were actually pretty spot on about the two of us and the way I believe we perceive the present situation and future. Thank you so much. Excellent reading” -Angela, New Zealand

“Holly’s reading was so detailed and amazing. This reading was done with precision and patience. The reading was done with thought, purpose and with the intention of helping. Thank you for this amazing service.”-DRK, India

“I am very happy reading this message. It’s as if you know me personally because this is my true situation! I tip this reading excellent!”  -Fidelis, Nigeria

“That was uplifting and definitely resonated with me. Thank you so much Holly.” -Flora, Australia

“Very good reading and very timely response. Thanks so much Holly.” -Sara, USA

“Hi Holly. I found your reading to be accurate in my situation.” -Mary Kita, USA

“Holly was spot on with the reading and stated and explained everything very clearly. I feel she’s excellent!” -Devyani, Australia

“Thank you. You were right in describing the way our relationship was. -Nadia, Australia