Full Moon in Virgo March 12, 2017


Virgo is practical and self-reliant.

Purify and transform the pain.


The full moon in Virgo challenges us to look at what’s messy in our lives. Virgo loves organization and wants to clean things up. What can we clear away and how can the present Virgo energy help us do that? What are we making room for? Virgo asks, “What will we leave behind that really matters, that is useful?”

full show of cards

  1. What Clutters Our Slate? 10 OF SWORDS. This card, located in the middle of the top row, shows us that the pain we’ve been holding on to needs to go. Sometimes we cling to pain even when logically we know we should live in the present, but the pain has been around for so long it’s become familiar. This Full Moon in Virgo says it’s time to let it go. Whether we feel wronged, stabbed in the back, rejected–whatever the pain, the ugliness of it clutters our life and we need to let it go.
  2. What Shadow Issue Do We Need To Release? JUSTICE. This card is located directly below the 10 of Swords. Haven’t we suffered enough? Has holding on to the pain and dwelling on paybacks or revenge served to justify our pain?  Justice is karmic in that what goes around, comes around. We don’t have to be jury or judge. Holding on to getting “Justice” for our pain needs to be released. Dwelling on it only holds us back and keeps us stuck in the pain.
  3. How Do We Clean The Slate? EIGHT OF PENTACLES. This card, located in the upper left corner is how we clean the slate. We forge ahead and through hard work, determination, blood, sweat and tears, we transform the pain into something new. Hard work and determination purifies the soul.  The energy of Virgo reminds us that through the fire, we receive purification.
  4. What Are We Making Room For? 9 OF CUPS. This card, located on the upper right corner, is wish fulfillment. Blessings. Through releasing our pain and forging ahead, we are making room for happiness, peace, blessings and tranquility. If we had remained stuck in our pain, we wouldn’t be able to receive the blessings.
  5. How Will this Make Us More Independent? 4 OF PENTACLES.  Located directly below the 9 of Cups, we learn that we can take care of ourself. The blessings of the cups card has shown us that no matter what is thrown at us, we can stand on our own feet. We’re solid and have a strong foundation. We can be relied upon. We have a sense of our own value. Virgo shows us self-reliance which brings independence.
  6. What Legacy Will We Leave Behind? 3 OF PENTACLES. Located in the lower left hand corner, directly below the 8 of Pentacles is the 3 of Pentacles. This card shows us that through our determination and hard work, releasing the pain and anger, we have the courage to move ahead and develop our own worth, our own life. We find joy and creativity in who we are and what we do. We’ve made our own way and left the legacy of independence, of determination and perseverance; the legacy of forging ahead through pain and coming out on the other side, self reliant.


11.10.16 General Reading

11+10+2016= 1+1+1+0+2+0+1+6=12=1+2=3



November 10, 2016–Communication is key today. How fitting that a card associated with communication (swords) is drawn. However, with this card being in reverse, we may want to proceed with a little caution in communicating with others today. Likewise, we may come into contact with a lot of complainers today or notice a lot of negative attitudes.

The energies of 3 are all about communication–whether that be through vocal expression or the written word. Although 3’s are creative and quick thinkers, today may be one of those days to exercise caution in expressing opinions. Our thinking may be dull. We may have trouble expressing our feelings and creativity. The Queen of Swords in Reverse indicates that we may want to keep our opinions to ourself. It might be a good idea to “think before you speak” or “bite your tongue.”

If you have the energy of a 3 (born on the 3rd 12th, 21st or 30th) you’re a natural at communicating with and connecting with people. However the shadow side of that as expressed by the Queen of Swords in Reverse is feeling frustrated when others don’t embrace your ideas or have ideas that differ from yours or simply don’t understand what you are trying to communicate.

The Queen of Swords in Reverse also reminds us to listen to others. We may can be quite stubborn at times and think we know all the answers. Be aware of nitpicking others or scrutinizing their ideas or work.

The energy of three can also express creativity and joy. However, the  Queen of Swords in Reverse reminds us to be aware of being dramatic and moody.  We might have tendencies toward hurt feelings if others don’t agree with what we think.  Remember, we all have opinions and ideas. The key is working together to find common ground.

Credits to Barbara Moore, “The Gilded Tarot” deck.

As The World Turns…




You may remember this soap opera that ran from 1956-2010 featuring the ups and downs of everyday life in the fictional town of Oakdale, Il. However, no matter what was going on, the world continued to turn. Cycles repeat. Nothing stays the same.

Today, we woke up to a new American President Elect, Donald Trump.The world is still turning. However, many are concerned and in light of this fear based energy of the ego,  I wanted to see the message Spirit has for us regarding the election results. 


Queen of Pentacles Reversed

There’s work to be done! No more laying around basking in the sun being fat and lazy. We need to carry our own weight.

Three of Wands

The beginnings of building something new. Progression. We can see the ship on the horizon. Hope.

Queen of Wands

Movement toward confidence, a sense of pride, growth. Although calm and serene–always focused and watchful. Guarding and defending what is ours. Strong. Lean.

Eight of Swords Reversed

There is a way out of this hole we’ve dug for ourselves. At first it appeared there was no way out. A glimmer of hope surfaces that yes there is a way out, a way to turn it around. Crawling out of the darkness into the light.

Four of Wands

Rebuilding. A stable foundation is being built. Working toward a common goal. Progress.




Magic Prayer Oracle

A reminder that your prayers will be answered. God is always there to help and heal. “Thy will be done through me; thy will and not mine be done.” Remember that God/Spirit always looks out for our best interest–our higher good. Surrender your wishes and desires to God. We don’t have to worry about the details.  We only have to ask and remain in contact with God/Spirit through prayer and meditation. Have faith that what is best will occur.

We don’t always get what we think we want, but we do get what we need. Keep in contact with your higher power and be assured that you are on the right path.

Credits to Leeza Robertson and Eugene Smith, creators of the Animal Totem tarot cards and Colette Baron-Reid, Creator of The Map oracle deck.






Message for World Animal Day/Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.



October 4th is World Animal Day, an international day of action for animal rights and welfare. It’s also the feast day of  St.Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

How can we take action in convincing others of the immediacy of conserving our natural resources, caring for our earth, animals and nature?  Progress is  slow.

Mother Earth is not happy.

New Moon. New Beginnings.


With each new moon, we are offered an opportunity to begin again. A do over.

At the close of September, we receive a second chance. The Black Moon, the second new moon of the month of September gives us another chance to plant seeds of intention.

This new moon in Libra is about balance, but also gives us an opportunity to weigh our options. Now is the time to offer up all the good that you wish for–the time to set your intentions.

The new moon tells me I currently have the strength of the Chariot. I’m balancing energies to drive or move toward what I want and where I want to go.

With the 7 of Pentacles, I’m asked to leave behind material possessions and clear away what I don’t need or is not useful.

I’m receiving change with the 5 of Wands. I have to make room for this change by ridding myself of things that don’t serve me (7 of pentacles) so that something new can come in with the 5 of Wands.

Strength in the reverse position reminds me that kindness and gentleness goes a long way in taming opposing forces. This is something I’m learning.

My hopes and fears are reflected in the Page of Pentacles with the message of a new opportunity or endeavor.

Lastly, the Hierophant in the reverse position indicates a  gift for counseling and guiding people through non-traditional methods.

What do you want to grow over the next several months?

Tomorrow, Tomorrow.


The universe has had a good laugh today! So, as some of you know, I’ve been working on shadow work using the tarot. Today my question is,

“What is my most obstructive limiting belief?”

I pull the Sun Card! I’m thinking, “Oh no! What can this card tell me?” The Sun card is probably one of the most favorable, positive cards in the deck. I’m laughing and thinking what can I possibly get out of this card that can show me my most obstructive limiting belief?

I start singing. That is happening a lot lately. Things are coming to me as songs. I start humming the Annie song, “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, dah, dah, dah,”

A light goes off in my head, it dawns on me (and yes, that was another synchronicity. I actually said the word “dawn” as I was recording my reading), the Sun Card is the perfect card to show me my most obstructive limiting belief!

Tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll take care of that tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll do better. It goes on and on. The Sun Card shed light on my limiting belief. How long have I been saying tomorrow? Years?

I just love how the universe communicates with us!

Shadow Self.


Shadows can appear scary. A shadow is an amplified version of something which in reality is quite smaller and when exposed, much less scary.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing some shadow work with the Tarot. Ironically, shadow work can be quite enlightening. Tarot is simply a means to bring the subconscious to the surface; bringing to light that which was hidden.

Today, I’m reminded to “Turn on The Light” from Sonia Choquette’s oracle cards, “The Answer Is Simple”. Essentially, the ego points out your flaws and sees everything as your failures. Spirit sees this as process and progress. The ego sees darkness where the Spirit sees light.

Ironically, in the midst of doing this shadow work, I am asked to shine the light on my circumstances and see with clarity. When we look with light and illuminate that which is hidden, we are able to look past fear and clearly see, all is well.