Hunter Moon~ October 15, 2016


Hunters could easily spot animals such a wild boar, rabbits and deer which are nocturnal in nature, by the light of this bright moon. Thus, the “Hunter Moon.”

The Hunter Moon is the full moon directly following the Harvest Moon. How appropriate then to take a look at Little Red Tarot’s Full Moon Spread using  Leeza Robertson’s deck, “Animal Totem” for guidance during this upcoming Super Moon.

So, to the left of the Death Card in the center, we have (1) The Sun, (2) King of Wands in Reverse and (3)The Moon in reverse. All represent the waning moon.

The Sun reflects what we need to let go of–our egos? It asks us to meditate and realize all is connected.

The King of Wands in reverse reminds us to reclaim and keep our power, our enthusiasm, our passion.

Things yet to come is represented by the Moon in reverse. This asks us to to be cautious and realize that some things are not what they appear to be at first glance. In fact, we may not be able to see all things clearly in the moonlight. Use caution in the upcoming future.

To the far right we have the waxing moon–how the world affects us, what to give and what to receive.

The Devil in reverse reminds us to not get too caught up in worldly matters–matters of the flesh. We are in the world, but we don’t have to be of the world.

Judgment in the reverse position of what to give indicates an energy of forgiveness. Everyone is on their own path. It takes everyone working together to make it all work. Show compassion, mercy.

The Three of Swords indicates we should receive or allow to receive a new perspective or forward way of thinking. We should be open to looking at situations from other points of view.

Finally, what we are to learn, in the 7th position (center), is Death. We must learn to die of ourselves in order to become new. Ego must die away to make room for Spirit,the essence of who we really are.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow.


The universe has had a good laugh today! So, as some of you know, I’ve been working on shadow work using the tarot. Today my question is,

“What is my most obstructive limiting belief?”

I pull the Sun Card! I’m thinking, “Oh no! What can this card tell me?” The Sun card is probably one of the most favorable, positive cards in the deck. I’m laughing and thinking what can I possibly get out of this card that can show me my most obstructive limiting belief?

I start singing. That is happening a lot lately. Things are coming to me as songs. I start humming the Annie song, “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, dah, dah, dah,”

A light goes off in my head, it dawns on me (and yes, that was another synchronicity. I actually said the word “dawn” as I was recording my reading), the Sun Card is the perfect card to show me my most obstructive limiting belief!

Tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll take care of that tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll do better. It goes on and on. The Sun Card shed light on my limiting belief. How long have I been saying tomorrow? Years?

I just love how the universe communicates with us!

Shadow Self.


Shadows can appear scary. A shadow is an amplified version of something which in reality is quite smaller and when exposed, much less scary.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing some shadow work with the Tarot. Ironically, shadow work can be quite enlightening. Tarot is simply a means to bring the subconscious to the surface; bringing to light that which was hidden.

Today, I’m reminded to “Turn on The Light” from Sonia Choquette’s oracle cards, “The Answer Is Simple”. Essentially, the ego points out your flaws and sees everything as your failures. Spirit sees this as process and progress. The ego sees darkness where the Spirit sees light.

Ironically, in the midst of doing this shadow work, I am asked to shine the light on my circumstances and see with clarity. When we look with light and illuminate that which is hidden, we are able to look past fear and clearly see, all is well.