How And Why Oracle Cards And The Tarot Are Links To Co-Creating With Spirit.

Many people associate the Tarot and Oracle cards with gypsies and fortune telling. Colette Baron-Reid gives a wonderful explanation on what oracle cards are and what they’re not.

“Oracle cards are often mistaken for “fortune telling” devices , says Baron-Reid. “But in truth they are a powerful tool in co-creating your reality with Spirit as your manifesting partner.”

Baron-Reid further points out that the word oracle comes from Latin “oraculum” then from “orare” which means “to speak, pray” (Merriam Webster).

“It is known as an intermediary between the mundane world (ours) and the spiritual (Spirit). An oracle is a medium through which to communicate directly with Spirit, your higher self, and your inner knowing and that can bypass your subjective truth that only comes from the experience and memory, desires and wants of your small self. It uses symbolic language to talk to you,” says Baron-Reid.

Baron-Reid reminds us that working with oracle cards “supports what we already know at a deeper level;points the way forward and gives good wise counsel about how to take the next right action towards your intentions and deepest desires for the highest good.”

Colette Baron -Reid offers a concise explanation of why I use Oracle cards and the Tarot as a form of guidance and mediation. It brings awareness of what’s going on in my life and offers a tool in unlocking the subconscious and exploring new perspectives or “takes” on thinking about situations, offering a different “set of eyes” so to speak.



Growing Pains of 2016

imageI learned about control in 2016–that I can’t control anything but myself and even have trouble with that at times. I learned the hard way to let go and let God. When we don’t pay attention and refuse to learn lessons, opportunity presents itself in a big wake up call way. 2016 was my year to wake up and while I’m so very thankful for what I’ve gained, I don’t wish the pain it finally took for me to learn this lesson on anyone.


While 2016 has been challenging for many, I’m hopeful we’ve gained opportunity for growth and positive change. As the year draws to an end, usually around the winter solstice time, I like to write down everything I wish to say goodbye to from the current year. While meditating on the lessons learned, burn the paper and release it to the earth. This helps clear the way for something new and good to enter for 2017.

Tarot also helps identify lessons learned, what to release and what to embrace for the new year. Now through December 31, 2016, I’m offering a reading to close out 2016 and identify what we can look forward to in 2017, the year of new beginnings!

As The World Turns…




You may remember this soap opera that ran from 1956-2010 featuring the ups and downs of everyday life in the fictional town of Oakdale, Il. However, no matter what was going on, the world continued to turn. Cycles repeat. Nothing stays the same.

Today, we woke up to a new American President Elect, Donald Trump.The world is still turning. However, many are concerned and in light of this fear based energy of the ego,  I wanted to see the message Spirit has for us regarding the election results. 


Queen of Pentacles Reversed

There’s work to be done! No more laying around basking in the sun being fat and lazy. We need to carry our own weight.

Three of Wands

The beginnings of building something new. Progression. We can see the ship on the horizon. Hope.

Queen of Wands

Movement toward confidence, a sense of pride, growth. Although calm and serene–always focused and watchful. Guarding and defending what is ours. Strong. Lean.

Eight of Swords Reversed

There is a way out of this hole we’ve dug for ourselves. At first it appeared there was no way out. A glimmer of hope surfaces that yes there is a way out, a way to turn it around. Crawling out of the darkness into the light.

Four of Wands

Rebuilding. A stable foundation is being built. Working toward a common goal. Progress.




Magic Prayer Oracle

A reminder that your prayers will be answered. God is always there to help and heal. “Thy will be done through me; thy will and not mine be done.” Remember that God/Spirit always looks out for our best interest–our higher good. Surrender your wishes and desires to God. We don’t have to worry about the details.  We only have to ask and remain in contact with God/Spirit through prayer and meditation. Have faith that what is best will occur.

We don’t always get what we think we want, but we do get what we need. Keep in contact with your higher power and be assured that you are on the right path.

Credits to Leeza Robertson and Eugene Smith, creators of the Animal Totem tarot cards and Colette Baron-Reid, Creator of The Map oracle deck.






Hunter Moon~ October 15, 2016


Hunters could easily spot animals such a wild boar, rabbits and deer which are nocturnal in nature, by the light of this bright moon. Thus, the “Hunter Moon.”

The Hunter Moon is the full moon directly following the Harvest Moon. How appropriate then to take a look at Little Red Tarot’s Full Moon Spread using  Leeza Robertson’s deck, “Animal Totem” for guidance during this upcoming Super Moon.

So, to the left of the Death Card in the center, we have (1) The Sun, (2) King of Wands in Reverse and (3)The Moon in reverse. All represent the waning moon.

The Sun reflects what we need to let go of–our egos? It asks us to meditate and realize all is connected.

The King of Wands in reverse reminds us to reclaim and keep our power, our enthusiasm, our passion.

Things yet to come is represented by the Moon in reverse. This asks us to to be cautious and realize that some things are not what they appear to be at first glance. In fact, we may not be able to see all things clearly in the moonlight. Use caution in the upcoming future.

To the far right we have the waxing moon–how the world affects us, what to give and what to receive.

The Devil in reverse reminds us to not get too caught up in worldly matters–matters of the flesh. We are in the world, but we don’t have to be of the world.

Judgment in the reverse position of what to give indicates an energy of forgiveness. Everyone is on their own path. It takes everyone working together to make it all work. Show compassion, mercy.

The Three of Swords indicates we should receive or allow to receive a new perspective or forward way of thinking. We should be open to looking at situations from other points of view.

Finally, what we are to learn, in the 7th position (center), is Death. We must learn to die of ourselves in order to become new. Ego must die away to make room for Spirit,the essence of who we really are.

We see what we’re meant to see.

I recently visited John James Audobon State Park in Kentucky. Looking forward to a relaxed weekend in nature, I expected to see all types of birds and wildlife.

Although I didn’t see any unusual birds, I did see what I was meant to see. It’s easy to miss what is around you, sometimes right in front of you, if you focus only on your expectations.

I expected to see wildlife, but what I saw was so much better and meant especially for me. Until I saw the acorns, I had forgotten all about the stories my mother had told me when I was very young . I remember her  cupping the acorns in her hands and explaining to me how the acorns were really fairy dishes.

I would have missed out on this memory of my mother if I had not looked at what was right in front of me and focused only on what I thought I wanted  to see.

New Moon. New Beginnings.


With each new moon, we are offered an opportunity to begin again. A do over.

At the close of September, we receive a second chance. The Black Moon, the second new moon of the month of September gives us another chance to plant seeds of intention.

This new moon in Libra is about balance, but also gives us an opportunity to weigh our options. Now is the time to offer up all the good that you wish for–the time to set your intentions.

The new moon tells me I currently have the strength of the Chariot. I’m balancing energies to drive or move toward what I want and where I want to go.

With the 7 of Pentacles, I’m asked to leave behind material possessions and clear away what I don’t need or is not useful.

I’m receiving change with the 5 of Wands. I have to make room for this change by ridding myself of things that don’t serve me (7 of pentacles) so that something new can come in with the 5 of Wands.

Strength in the reverse position reminds me that kindness and gentleness goes a long way in taming opposing forces. This is something I’m learning.

My hopes and fears are reflected in the Page of Pentacles with the message of a new opportunity or endeavor.

Lastly, the Hierophant in the reverse position indicates a  gift for counseling and guiding people through non-traditional methods.

What do you want to grow over the next several months?