I’m putting myself out there to show just how much Tarot is helping me understand myself and offer guidance. We really do have everything we need inside. Tarot helps bring that information to the surface. It illuminates the answers that are already inside us.

For the past couple of days, I’ve been struggling with my path–where I’m going, what I’m suppose to be doing.  Intense, and I mean paralyzing thoughts and internal struggles came over me out of nowhere. Yesterday it peaked. I don’t remember feeling this lost in years, if ever.

I looked to Tarot and here’s what I found:

The 6 of Pentacles in Reverse, 7 of Cups and 5 of Wands all describe everything that has been happening with me over the last couple of days.


The 6 of Pentacles in Reverse tells me that before I can begin to be of any use to anyone else or help others I need to be in balance myself. It also tells me that maybe I’ve been putting others before myself. You can even see in the card how the pentacles are not in balance. Self-care is needed; balance.

The 7 of Cups is the intense struggle I was feeling. I felt very overwhelmed in trying to decide what I should do, where I should go–just tons and tons of conflicted feelings. I felt in the dark as to what to do. My situation seemed chaotic and out of reach.

The 5 of Wands in Reverse indicates an internal struggle. My mind was struggling and pulling me back and forth with all these thoughts.

Then I added in guidance from the Oracle. Amazingly, the cards fit in perfectly with my situation and offered wisdom, putting everything in perspective.

pic2.jpgDirectly below the 6 of Pentacles is “To The Sea” This is all about nurturing self. Being in the flow and not worrying about if this is what I’m supposed to be doing or where I’m supposed to be. It’s about riding the wave of opportunity and allowing trust and faith to guide me. The energy progresses from being out of harmony in the 6 of Pentacles in Reverse above, to the challenging energy of 7 in that I need to relax and ride the wave.

Below the 7 of Cups we have “Co-Create” in the protection position. This indicates that I’ve been trying too hard, relying only on myself. I’ve been trying to create all I desire without nurturing. I’ve worked myself into a slump; into feeling overwhelmed (7 of Cups!) I need to ask God/Spirit for inspiration. When I do, things will become clearer. Ideas will flow as soon as I get out of my own way. It’s very comforting to know that I don’t have to figure out everything myself.

“Orphaned” is directly below the 5 of Wands in Reverse. Both cards are 5s. Orphaned describes a sense of loss–an identity crisis. It describes exactly what I was feeling in the 5 of Wands reversed. It’s a feeling of recognizing that you don’t fit in and the need to belong. No man is an island. Orphaned describes a feeling of uncertainty about your place in the world.

The overall message to me is:

  1. First and foremost, I need to think about me. It’s time to think about my needs and self-care instead of putting others first. I’ve done that for too long and things have gotten out of balance.
  2. Lean on God/Spirit to guide me. I don’t have to figure everything out myself. In fact, it doesn’t work that way. No wonder my head has been spinning. The answer is to co-create with God. Ask God/Spirit for guidance. That’s when things will start to really take off.
  3. The internal struggle–the core of the problem, has been a deep rooted feeling about not fitting in; feeling different. It’s ok, I’ll find my place with others of like mind and spirit. Not everyone may understand me, but it’s ok.

I share this to show the power of Tarot toward self-actualization and empowering us with guidance.  We all have the wisdom inside but sometimes need help finding it.

Tarot cards are from the Smith-Waite deck.

Oracles cards are from Colette Baron-Reid’s, “Wisdom of The Oracle.”

How And Why Oracle Cards And The Tarot Are Links To Co-Creating With Spirit.

Many people associate the Tarot and Oracle cards with gypsies and fortune telling. Colette Baron-Reid gives a wonderful explanation on what oracle cards are and what they’re not.

“Oracle cards are often mistaken for “fortune telling” devices , says Baron-Reid. “But in truth they are a powerful tool in co-creating your reality with Spirit as your manifesting partner.”

Baron-Reid further points out that the word oracle comes from Latin “oraculum” then from “orare” which means “to speak, pray” (Merriam Webster).

“It is known as an intermediary between the mundane world (ours) and the spiritual (Spirit). An oracle is a medium through which to communicate directly with Spirit, your higher self, and your inner knowing and that can bypass your subjective truth that only comes from the experience and memory, desires and wants of your small self. It uses symbolic language to talk to you,” says Baron-Reid.

Baron-Reid reminds us that working with oracle cards “supports what we already know at a deeper level;points the way forward and gives good wise counsel about how to take the next right action towards your intentions and deepest desires for the highest good.”

Colette Baron -Reid offers a concise explanation of why I use Oracle cards and the Tarot as a form of guidance and mediation. It brings awareness of what’s going on in my life and offers a tool in unlocking the subconscious and exploring new perspectives or “takes” on thinking about situations, offering a different “set of eyes” so to speak.



‘Tis the Season of Sagittarius!


The Sun moved into Sagittarius November 22 and stays until December 22. 

Learning, Philosophy and Travel, Humor, Enthusiasm, and Expansion are all traits associated with Sagittarius. Jupiter is the ruling planet and the color Purple is your primary color. In honor of Sagittarius, the following spread highlights the essential qualities of The Archer during this season.



  1.   The Chariot–What Can I Be Optimistic About? Moving forward. The ability to harness opposing forces to move in the desired direction. Control. Motivation. Action.
  2.    Justice in Reverse– What Should I Be Totally Honest With Myself About? Have you been fair? Have you weighed all options? Have you ignored what you know to be fair  and just? Are you standing up for what is right?
  3.    8 of Pentacles in Reverse–How Do I Begin My Next Great Adventure?  Stop thinking about it and work to make it happen. Begin! Even if it takes small steps to get there, just start.
  4.    The Lovers–Why is it important to have a sense of humor about myself?  Exposed. Might as well have a sense of humor and not take your self so serious since you can’t hide your flaws. No one is perfect. No sense pretending. We’re all naked and afraid! Hahahahah.
  5.    Queen of Wands–What Can I Look Forward To?  Awwhhh, the Queen of Wands, the essence of Sagittarius! Growth, Knowledge, Spirituality, Wisdom, Travel. Learned of the world and how it all works!
  6.    5 of Cups in Reverse–What Can I Look forward To? Despair and sadness are lifted. Brighter days!
  7.    Magician in Reverse–What Do I Truly Know? Don’t forget that you have everything you need to make the life you desire. It’s all inside. As it is in Heaven, so it is on Earth. Did you forget?

Because I always like to draw an Oracle Card to wrap things up, The Sentimental Fool reminds us to make life happen now. Don’t just dream about it or watch life on the sidelines, participate! It’s always been our choice.

Credits to Rider Waite Tarot Cards, Sonia Choquette’s “The Fools Wisdom Oracle” and Sasha Graham’s Qualities of Sagittarius Spread.



2016 October 17-23 Energies


Air Signs: Aquarius-Gemini-Libra

This week we may notice the energy of the Tower; a fiery energy that often clears something away to make way for something new, better. When it strikes, it’s often a shock to the system–unexpected. We may feel the foundation has crumbled. Although this event may not happen to us personally, it may affect us nonetheless.

Regardless, when we find ourselves affected by the energy of the Tower and it seems as though this cycle will never end, it may be that a lesson hasn’t been fully learned. “Round and Round” challenges us to revisit a pattern with a new perspective to overcome the cycle.

When we feel like we never get ahead and negative cycles repeat themselves over and over, remember that this time we have a bird’s eye view. Although things appear to be falling apart, we stand above the tower. We have an opportunity to learn something and do something different and better this time.

“Lend A Hand” reminds us that sometimes the only way we can get past negative things happening in our own lives or the lives of people we care about is to remove the focus from ourselves and focus on others.

Where can we be of service to others? Where is there a struggle we might help alleviate? How can we empower others and lift up their spirit without just rescuing?


Water Signs:  Pisces-Cancer-Scorpio

This week’s energy is all about relationships. The Two of Cups is in reverse. Cups represent water and the fluidity of emotions. With these cups being upside down, we need to take a look at our relationships with friends, co-workers and partners. Is there something we may have said without thinking? Did we react too quickly?

“Speak With Love” reminds us that when we allow our egos to speak carelessly, we can really stir up the emotional waters of others. We need to remember that this vibration returns to its source with a vengeance. When this energy comes up, it’s time to become aware of the effect our words have on others. Are we creating fear or peace?  We are being called this week to take a look at the impact our words have on others.

“Blessed” comes up in the protection position reminding us to be humble. Blessings are received when we surrender to God/Spirit.


Earth Signs: Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn

Earth  signs may feel a little blah as if the Sun isn’t shining for us. We may lose sight that we are all connected and part of a divine plan. Earth signs are especially sensitive to the lack of sunshine. They may even experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, becoming a little depressed when sunshine is lacking.

But, when fisherman can’t go to sea, they stay home and repair their nets. “To The Sea” in the protection position reminds us that when things don’t seem to move forward, we should go with the flow. We need to stop resisting and relax and trust in divine timing. Everything is a cycle. The Sun will shine again.

Two oracle cards wanted to come out for the Earth  Signs. “Regeneration” tells us that we are in a cycle of rebirth. We may see new opportunities or second chances appear this week. Seeds that appeared dormant may show signs of growth. This week it may become apparent to us just how illusory death and endings really are.

We are also reminded this week to “Talk to God.” Quiet the ego and listen to God/Spirit. It’s only the ego that causes problems. Stop talking to ego and talk to God. This is where you will find answers.


Fire Signs: Aries-Leo-Sagittarius

Strength may be called upon this week. We may be struggling with our persona–the self we show to the world and the Spirit of who we really are. It takes strength to put ourselves out there, be vulnerable and become comfortable with our authentic self. E.L. Cummings wrote, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

However, opportunities are born out of authenticity. “Milk And Honey” asks us to trust that our needs will be met. This energy reflects a sweet time in our life.  This only happens when we are in our authentic zone. You may experience a taste of what you want this week and find it easier to show the world who you really are.

“Seek an Expert” if you feel you’ve reached a limit of your own expertise. Now that you’re becoming more comfortable with the real you, you may need some help or guidance on how you can put this plan into action. You may be contemplating going back to school, a different career path, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little advice. Seek out mentors.

Readings prepared using Robert Wang’s, “The Jungian Tarot,” Sonia Choquette’s “The Answer is Simple” oracle cards and Colette Baron-Reid’s oracle cards, “Wisdom of the Oracle.”

Remember to check your Moon and Rising signs as well as your Sun sign for the most complete information. This following link will calculate these signs for you if you’re not sure about your rising and moon signs. Sun, Moon and Rising Sign Calculator