How And Why Oracle Cards And The Tarot Are Links To Co-Creating With Spirit.

Many people associate the Tarot and Oracle cards with gypsies and fortune telling. Colette Baron-Reid gives a wonderful explanation on what oracle cards are and what they’re not.

“Oracle cards are often mistaken for “fortune telling” devices , says Baron-Reid. “But in truth they are a powerful tool in co-creating your reality with Spirit as your manifesting partner.”

Baron-Reid further points out that the word oracle comes from Latin “oraculum” then from “orare” which means “to speak, pray” (Merriam Webster).

“It is known as an intermediary between the mundane world (ours) and the spiritual (Spirit). An oracle is a medium through which to communicate directly with Spirit, your higher self, and your inner knowing and that can bypass your subjective truth that only comes from the experience and memory, desires and wants of your small self. It uses symbolic language to talk to you,” says Baron-Reid.

Baron-Reid reminds us that working with oracle cards “supports what we already know at a deeper level;points the way forward and gives good wise counsel about how to take the next right action towards your intentions and deepest desires for the highest good.”

Colette Baron -Reid offers a concise explanation of why I use Oracle cards and the Tarot as a form of guidance and mediation. It brings awareness of what’s going on in my life and offers a tool in unlocking the subconscious and exploring new perspectives or “takes” on thinking about situations, offering a different “set of eyes” so to speak.



“You’re not supposed to mess with cards.”

Those were the concerning words of my brother when I told him that I read tarot cards,  and…that I sent him a video of a reading I had done for him earlier in the day.

I admit feeling leery about tarot. Horoscopes, astrology, the tarot–it’s all evil they told me. It was a bad idea to consult the occult for answers. I still agree with that…to some extent.

I agree it’s a bad idea to look to the stars and cards as a predictor of one’s future. I like to think we have a little say in what plays out in our lives. But, I do love how tarot can help us think about life situations with a new perspective. Perspective is everything and it’s no different with tarot.

When used as a tool, tarot can bring insight into situations that you might not have seen. Put simply, tarot can be a means to self actualization. Tarot provides a new way of looking at things and helps you examine yourself and situations to bring understanding and clarification. Tarot can even help identify what areas you can improve or change.

So yes, don’t mess with the cards if you’re looking for predictions for the future. But if you’re looking for insight and clarification, start shuffling.