We see what we’re meant to see.

I recently visited John James Audobon State Park in Kentucky. Looking forward to a relaxed weekend in nature, I expected to see all types of birds and wildlife.

Although I didn’t see any unusual birds, I did see what I was meant to see. It’s easy to miss what is around you, sometimes right in front of you, if you focus only on your expectations.

I expected to see wildlife, but what I saw was so much better and meant especially for me. Until I saw the acorns, I had forgotten all about the stories my mother had told me when I was very young . I remember her  cupping the acorns in her hands and explaining to me how the acorns were really fairy dishes.

I would have missed out on this memory of my mother if I had not looked at what was right in front of me and focused only on what I thought I wanted  to see.