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About Your Reading

Please note that a reading with me implies consent and agreement with all terms noted on this page.


The purpose of your reading is to help you reach a greater understanding of yourself and your life path. My approach is intuitive,  not predictive or psychic.

I do not practice fortune telling. I view tarot as a tool to help us see ourselves and our situations clearer. A reading with me tells your story back to you so that you might look at that story from a different point of view. I use tarot to help illuminate your path. You may find that after viewing your reading, additional information will come to you through your own intuition, providing even more insight. Readings are all about self actualization and empowerment.

Tarot  can be used as a navigation tool to help you chart a course for success, not a path set in stone where you have no say in your destiny. I believe we all are co-creators with you universe. Tarot just helps light the way.


Your reading is confidential. Anything you reveal to me or that is revealed through the reading is covered by this confidentiality policy.

Services Agreement

Payment is for a “service”, not “goods.” You’re not paying me for a product. You’re paying me for my knowledge, experience, insights, foresights, and my time.

Payment Terms

All posted fees are in U.S. dollars.

No Refunds.

Delivery Time

Readings are typically delivered within a week of booking.


Since I am transmitting this reading report to you by electronic mail, my website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use apply.

By contacting me for an online reading, you are accepting those terms.

Please note that a tarot reading should never be used in place of professional counseling. Your reading cannot offer legal, medical, business, or financial advice.

By booking a reading with me, you acknowledge that  I do not identify as a psychic medium and that I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, or counselor.