New Moon in Sagittarius 2016


Aim High! Expect Joy. Follow Through.

Wow! The energy for the new moon in Sagittarius beginning November 29 doesn’t disappoint! All the positive traits associated with Sagittarius show up for us during this new moon cycle. Set clear intentions this and aim high. The energy to hit our mark is present during this new moon cycle!

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Credits to Barbara Moore and Julia Jeffrey for the “Journey Into The Hidden Realm” tarot deck.

‘Tis the Season of Sagittarius!


The Sun moved into Sagittarius November 22 and stays until December 22. 

Learning, Philosophy and Travel, Humor, Enthusiasm, and Expansion are all traits associated with Sagittarius. Jupiter is the ruling planet and the color Purple is your primary color. In honor of Sagittarius, the following spread highlights the essential qualities of The Archer during this season.



  1.   The Chariot–What Can I Be Optimistic About? Moving forward. The ability to harness opposing forces to move in the desired direction. Control. Motivation. Action.
  2.    Justice in Reverse– What Should I Be Totally Honest With Myself About? Have you been fair? Have you weighed all options? Have you ignored what you know to be fair  and just? Are you standing up for what is right?
  3.    8 of Pentacles in Reverse–How Do I Begin My Next Great Adventure?  Stop thinking about it and work to make it happen. Begin! Even if it takes small steps to get there, just start.
  4.    The Lovers–Why is it important to have a sense of humor about myself?  Exposed. Might as well have a sense of humor and not take your self so serious since you can’t hide your flaws. No one is perfect. No sense pretending. We’re all naked and afraid! Hahahahah.
  5.    Queen of Wands–What Can I Look Forward To?  Awwhhh, the Queen of Wands, the essence of Sagittarius! Growth, Knowledge, Spirituality, Wisdom, Travel. Learned of the world and how it all works!
  6.    5 of Cups in Reverse–What Can I Look forward To? Despair and sadness are lifted. Brighter days!
  7.    Magician in Reverse–What Do I Truly Know? Don’t forget that you have everything you need to make the life you desire. It’s all inside. As it is in Heaven, so it is on Earth. Did you forget?

Because I always like to draw an Oracle Card to wrap things up, The Sentimental Fool reminds us to make life happen now. Don’t just dream about it or watch life on the sidelines, participate! It’s always been our choice.

Credits to Rider Waite Tarot Cards, Sonia Choquette’s “The Fools Wisdom Oracle” and Sasha Graham’s Qualities of Sagittarius Spread.



11.10.16 General Reading

11+10+2016= 1+1+1+0+2+0+1+6=12=1+2=3



November 10, 2016–Communication is key today. How fitting that a card associated with communication (swords) is drawn. However, with this card being in reverse, we may want to proceed with a little caution in communicating with others today. Likewise, we may come into contact with a lot of complainers today or notice a lot of negative attitudes.

The energies of 3 are all about communication–whether that be through vocal expression or the written word. Although 3’s are creative and quick thinkers, today may be one of those days to exercise caution in expressing opinions. Our thinking may be dull. We may have trouble expressing our feelings and creativity. The Queen of Swords in Reverse indicates that we may want to keep our opinions to ourself. It might be a good idea to “think before you speak” or “bite your tongue.”

If you have the energy of a 3 (born on the 3rd 12th, 21st or 30th) you’re a natural at communicating with and connecting with people. However the shadow side of that as expressed by the Queen of Swords in Reverse is feeling frustrated when others don’t embrace your ideas or have ideas that differ from yours or simply don’t understand what you are trying to communicate.

The Queen of Swords in Reverse also reminds us to listen to others. We may can be quite stubborn at times and think we know all the answers. Be aware of nitpicking others or scrutinizing their ideas or work.

The energy of three can also express creativity and joy. However, the  Queen of Swords in Reverse reminds us to be aware of being dramatic and moody.  We might have tendencies toward hurt feelings if others don’t agree with what we think.  Remember, we all have opinions and ideas. The key is working together to find common ground.

Credits to Barbara Moore, “The Gilded Tarot” deck.

As The World Turns…




You may remember this soap opera that ran from 1956-2010 featuring the ups and downs of everyday life in the fictional town of Oakdale, Il. However, no matter what was going on, the world continued to turn. Cycles repeat. Nothing stays the same.

Today, we woke up to a new American President Elect, Donald Trump.The world is still turning. However, many are concerned and in light of this fear based energy of the ego,  I wanted to see the message Spirit has for us regarding the election results. 


Queen of Pentacles Reversed

There’s work to be done! No more laying around basking in the sun being fat and lazy. We need to carry our own weight.

Three of Wands

The beginnings of building something new. Progression. We can see the ship on the horizon. Hope.

Queen of Wands

Movement toward confidence, a sense of pride, growth. Although calm and serene–always focused and watchful. Guarding and defending what is ours. Strong. Lean.

Eight of Swords Reversed

There is a way out of this hole we’ve dug for ourselves. At first it appeared there was no way out. A glimmer of hope surfaces that yes there is a way out, a way to turn it around. Crawling out of the darkness into the light.

Four of Wands

Rebuilding. A stable foundation is being built. Working toward a common goal. Progress.




Magic Prayer Oracle

A reminder that your prayers will be answered. God is always there to help and heal. “Thy will be done through me; thy will and not mine be done.” Remember that God/Spirit always looks out for our best interest–our higher good. Surrender your wishes and desires to God. We don’t have to worry about the details.  We only have to ask and remain in contact with God/Spirit through prayer and meditation. Have faith that what is best will occur.

We don’t always get what we think we want, but we do get what we need. Keep in contact with your higher power and be assured that you are on the right path.

Credits to Leeza Robertson and Eugene Smith, creators of the Animal Totem tarot cards and Colette Baron-Reid, Creator of The Map oracle deck.